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Orchard End was built in 2019 and exceeds the higher standards of the DEFRA Animal Welfare Regulations 2018, together with the April 2023 licensing officer guidance.

We are licenced to board up to 22 cats. The Cattery consists of 11 double suites, 4 of which can be made into spacious interconnecting suites that make up 2 family units (each accommodating a family of 4).



Enclosed heated bedrooms with 2 raised sleeping areas provide a safe private space. Thermostatically controlled electric panel heating can be digitally controlled to meet the individual needs of our guests.

Suites are well-insulated and ventilated. In summer, the corridor windows can be removed to allow continuous airflow throughout the cattery. We have air conditioning units in each suite and in the corridor.

Opaque full-height sneeze barriers are between each suite for hygiene.

Suites provide a spacious exercise area with elevated shelves with access down to the play area where your cat can play, drink, stretch or relax.


Comfortable bedding and blankets (including veterinary bedding) - igloo and open baskets (we can accommodate elderly and arthritic cats with steps to the raised bed area and low level scratching posts etc). Guests are welcome to bring their own beds if they have a preference.

The suites are fully equipped for all your cat's needs:

Environmental Enrichment:

The main corridor is also heated with thermostatically controlled ceramic heaters.

Suites with a view - our clear windows allow a great view of the countryside. Overlooking our wildflower meadow, guests will see a variety of wildlife including squirrels, woodpeckers and garden birds. A waterfall feature beyond the meadow attracts dragonflies, birds and butterflies. Birdboxes and birdfeeders will also entertain our guests.

At night, our guests can enjoy the tranquility and listen to owls in the nearby woods.

Interactive toys including Catit toys and puzzle feeders, as well as scratching posts are provided.

Radio/soft music is played during the day to reassure our guests and help them feel at home.

Our Menu:

We offer a wide selection of cat food. To help our guests settle in, please let us know their dietary requirements and we will provide the same or similar food.

Please let us know if your cat has any particular dietary needs or food intolerances.

If your cat needs specialist food please let us know as there may be an additional charge, or you may wish to bring your cat's own food.


Our guests are given filtered water  in their drinking bowls.


If your cat has been prescribed medication, please provide an adequate supply in a clearly marked container with instructions.

Daily Checks:

For the well-being of your cat during their stay, we regularly monitor and record our guests' feeding, toiletry habits and general behaviour (especially for multi-cat stays).

As well as being observed regularly throughout the day, cats will be checked at least twice during the evening period, to ensure they are comfortable before the lights are out at night time.

We will spend time playing and grooming (if desired) to help them relax and enjoy their stay with us.

We ensure that every suite is cleaned daily, with fresh filtered water always being available and clean litter trays.

The suites and all equipment including bedding and toys are cleaned and disinfected before and after each visit.

Daily Updates:

We can send a video or photos of your cat via Instagram, Whatsapp or email to give you additional peace of mind. 

We update our social media regularly, where your cat can be featured with your permission.

Safe And Secure Environment:

The cattery is located adjacent to the owner's house and is therefore always in sight.

With a CCTV Security 24 hour presence, we ensure safety for our guests.


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