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Terms and Conditions

Bookings and Boarding Charges:

Full daily rate applies to all days booked which includes arrival and departure (regardless of late arrival or early collection).

Minimum stay is for 2 nights and 3 days which includes arrival and departure days. The minimum stay during Christmas is 5 days.

Payments for all stays are to be made by either card, cash, cheque or bank transfer and will be required upon departure.

A booking form (click here for link) must be completed to check for availability. If we have availability, our registration form will be emailed or sent to you.

All information requested on our registration form must be completed including emergency contact details of an adult in the UK.





Please ensure that your cat is transported in a safe and secure cat carrier which is of adequate size and strength. We will not accept cats transported in cardboard carriers.

Health and Welfare of your Cat:

A cat must be in a fit and healthy condition before being accepted for boarding at the Cattery.

Any cat showing signs of ill health will be refused boarding.

For the comfort of all our guests, un-neutered male cats (over 7 months of age) are not permitted in the Cattery. If the presence of an un-neutered male cat is detected in the Cattery it will be taken to our isolation suite. Please note the owner will be responsible for the increased charges for this move.

Multi-cat shared suites - we reserve the right to separate cats in shared suites into individual suites if we feel that the welfare of the cats is jeopardised. The cost of moving the cat(s) to another suite will be added to your bill.


All cats must be vaccinated to current requirements and a valid certificate must accompany the cat on arrival. Copies are retained on each individual cat's file.

Vaccinations including boosters must have been completed two weeks before a cat's arrival to the Cattery to maintain full cover. Please note if it is your cat's first round of vaccinations, it will take one month after the second vaccination to become fully protected.

Flea and Worming Treatment:

Clients are asked to confirm their cat is protected against parasites and to give consent that if any are found on their cat during boarding, we reserve the right to administer the appropriate treatment with veterinary advice. The client will be responsible for the cost.

Existing Medical Conditions:

All present medical conditions must be declared upon registration. We currently do not take cats with diabetes requiring an injection.


If your cat is on any form of medication, this will be administered following your instructions. We encourage you to keep prescriptions in their original containers which will confirm correct medication and dosage. There is a £1 per day charge for administering medicine.

Medications will be stored safely at the correct temperature in the Cattery kitchen and all unused medicines will be returned to the owner on departure.

If your cat becomes ill while at the Cattery:

If your cat becomes ill at the Cattery, the licence holder will report any concern over health to the owner or nominated contact person. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that somebody can advocate for their cat and is able to respond to us immediately in the case of an emergency. If we cannot contact the owner or advocate, and we believe that the cat requires urgent medical attention, we will make an appointment with our approved vet and refer all decisions to them.

We are not financially responsible for any medical bills that arise during your cat's stay at the Cattery. All veterinary fees are the responsibility of the client and will be payable at the time of departure.

We have a purpose-built isolation suite, separate from the main Cattery where an unwell cat can be comfortable, secure and monitored.


For emergencies and where we are unable to make contact with either the owner or designated contact, Orchard End has in place emergency vet insurance up to the value of £2,000 per cat.


If you need to arrange a friend/family member to collect your cat(s) from Orchard End on your behalf, please notify us in advance and request them to bring a form of ID.

Early Collection - for any reason you wish to collect your cat earlier than the prearranged departure date, the full cost of the whole stay will be charged.

Late Collection - if you are late collecting your cat from the Cattery without having agreed in advance we will contact your emergency contact to collect your cat.

Uncollected Cats - if your cat is not collected within 14 days, the Cattery has the right to rehome the cat.


In the event of cancellation, we require a minimum of 14 days notice that you are cancelling. If not, you may be asked to pay the full cost of boarding charges. However, we will refund you for any of these days if we are able to fill them.

In the event of an individual not informing the Cattery of cancellation, the full fees will remain due and must be paid.

Own Risk:

Whilst every care and attention is paid to all the cats under our care whilst staying at Orchard End, the owners leave them at their own risk.

Vehicles left in the Cattery parking area are left at the owner's risk.

Please note that while the Cattery is on a hill, consequently there are steps down to the Cattery from the car park and customers enter the site at their own risk.

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