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Animal Welfare Regulations 2018

Orchard End Cattery has met the 4 star highest star rating that a newly established cattery can receive. The higher standards are classified into 2 types: required and optional of which Orchard End has met all. They are listed below:

Required Standards:

  • One full time attendant per 20 cats required in the cattery.

  • The design and layout of the cattery e.g. raised platforms must ensure a provision of choice for the cats staying there.

  • Sleeping environment temperature must be above 18°C.

  • During out of hours period, (e.g. 1800-0800) all individual cats must be checked at least once at an appropriate interval.

  • For multi-cat sharing, daily behavioural observations are recorded (especially signs of aggression and stress).

  • A competent person is required on the cattery site at all times.

  • The units must be 1.5 times the minimum areas stated.

  • Each cat must have access to at least two raised areas e.g. sleeping area and an exercise area.

  • Sneeze barriers must be opaque (up to 600mm) and behind any shelves.

Optional Standards:

  • During the working day, a staff member must be present with an OFQUAL Regulated Level 3 qualification in a relevant subject.

  • Ventilation must be a managed, fixed or portable air system to ensure that in all weathers appropriate temperatures are maintained.

  • A choice of hiding places and different levels and shelves must be provided.

  • Behavioural observations are to be recorded daily.

  • Isolation facilities must be available and designated on the site and they must follow the same size and facility requirements as a normal cattery unit.

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